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The Best American Essays 2012


A Tetw remix

The Best American Essays has a new site, which not only lists the essays that made it into the book, but also the countless nominees. So we decided to look through the whole list, and put together a collection of our favourites:

In Sable and Dark Glasses by Joan Didion
Eyewitness to History! by Matt Labash
The King of Human Error by Michael Lewis
Dr. Don by Peter Hessler
Paper Tigers by Wesley Yang
Creation Myth by Malcolm Gladwell
On Being an Only Child by Geoff Dyer

Personal Best by Atul Gawande
The Movie Set That Ate Itself by Michael Idov
You Blow My Mind. Hey, Mickey! by John Jeremiah Sullivan

To check out the full list for yourself click here, and to get a copy of the book itself, click here.

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The Brangelina Industry


by Oliver Burkeman

Each week celebrity magazines breathlessly report yet another twist in the Jen-Brad-Angelina love triangle. But where do the stories come from? Are they ever true? And does that even matter?

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Is Kip Litton a Marathon Fraud? : The New Yorker

How Is Your Smartphone Like a Slot Machine? |


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baby Sloth…baby ruth!

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